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​Rebecca A. Rodriguez

animal house

​​PO Box 643

La Center, WA 98629

Rebecca A. Rodriguez, the Creator and Producer of "Animal House" is a long-time animal advocate and independent filmmaker based in the Pacific Northwest. She founded the humane society on the island of Guam (Guam Animals In Need) in 1989 and went on to run the animal care department at the largest humane society in the Pacific Northwest. During this period, she developed the EVACSAK, an emergency transportation bag for small animals. Later, she went on to work as a program manager for an animal related foundation where she consulted and mediated for various organizations regarding shelter and program development.She began her career as a filmmaker in 2000, debuting two short films at the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema and the Seattle International Film Festival. As a result of positive reviews, both films were optioned and distributed through a short film content provider.To date she has written, produced and directed a collection of short films, numerous commercials, several music videos and one feature film that is currently being used as an educational tool in domestic violence and child endangerment awareness programs.She received the Best Feature Award at the Reel Women International Film Festival in Los Angeles, 2005 as well as the Best Feature by a Northwest Filmmaker Award from the Far From Hollywood Society in Portland, Oregon. She holds one U.S. Patent and currently provides love and shelter to a small group of discarded animals. You can visit Rebecca's blog Bug in the Ointment where she and her band of "littles" (dogs) and CH cat Winston write about movies, books and life in the country.