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The animal house host team

Meet the Animal House Host Team! We're sure you will love them as much as we do! All the "Animal House" Hosts are animal people dedicated to showcasing the wonderful individuals who are working to make a difference for the beautiful, displaced creatures in shelters across the country. They all share the spotlight equally. Presented in no particular order...

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Thank you for Helping Save Thousands of Animals! You helped transform a Community!

The pilot episode of "ANIMAL HOUSE" featuring Adams county pet rescue in othello, Washington

Through our Facebook campaign, "Animal House" received over 200 requests from non-profit organizations in need of help. We selected an organization that met the needs of the company to create a successful show, within the boundaries of our budget and early sponsor relationships. Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello,  Washington was attempting to rebuild after their facility burned to the ground in 2009. Caring for mostly dogs and cats, they had a partial shelter and needed assistance completing the building. This episode profiles the animals of Othello who are in needed a safe haven and the dedicated individuals fighting for them. 

Othello Golf Club


The Shoot

The Crew:

Creator / Producer / Director: Rebecca A. Rodriguez

Producer: Alycia Barlow Hadfield

Producer: Andrea Engstrom

Associate Producer: Payton Hadfield

UPM: Trevor Doyle

1st AD: Shawn Patrick Burke

2nd AD: Garrett Meyers

Director of Photography: Richard Lyons

Camera Operator: Paul Ramsey

Camera Operator: A. Hadfield

1st Unit Sound: Steve Benassu

Sound Asst / Boom Op: Evan Ortiz

2nd Unit Director: Andrea Engstrom

2nd Unit Camera: Zoe Gieringer

2nd Unit Sound: Timothy Kahn

Gaffer / Key Grip: Tom Hanson

Script Supervisor: AJ

Production Coordinator: Deidre Debski

Art Director: Christopher Little

Makeup: Shannen Stewart

Wardrobe: Lauren Quantrille 

Talent Handler: Julie Howard 

Stills Photographer: West Ramsey

PA / Social Media: Sasha Alexander 

Editor: R. A. Rodriguez

Music by: Eric Kaye

Product Acquisition: Janalou Zullo


Dr. Daniel Allen

Casey Newton

“DQ" Daniel Quagliozzi

Erica Sanfiz

Jana Savage

Miguel Abi-Hassan

Zach Skow

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

VO: Robert Semrow

Special Thanks:

Pete Jones

Tony Hadfield

Pete Johnston

Kevin Brady

David A. Greene

Roland Barlow

Adams County Pet Rescue Board of Directors

Adams County Commissioners

City of Othello

The Logans

                              ​                      Motley Zoo

​Alex Kaylor